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Commercial Water Filtration Systems for US Industries RainDance H2O As one of the US's leaders in water filtration equipment, our sales representatives and support technicians are experienced water treatment professionals. Our water filtration specialists are uniquely qualified to understand water quality, water treatment and commercial water filtration for US industries. RainDance H2O Commercial Filtration Systems Used in a variety of US industries for water filtration and water treatment, RainDance H2O Commercial Filtration Systems provide clean, filtered water which is free from contaminants. A few industries where RainDance H2O commercial filtration systems are used are listed as follows:

  Commercial / Industrial Water Treatment From 400gpd to 1,000,000gpd
  Agriculture-Dairy, Cattle, Horse, Swine
  Green Houses- Orchards, Groves
  Food & Beverage Industry
  Electronic Industry
  Process Water
  Chemical Industry
  Electroplating Industry
  Electrical Power Generating
  Polymer Solutions
  And many More.......
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Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems From 400gpd to 1500gpd
  • Stainless Steel Wall Mounted RO Systems in 400, 800, 1,200, and 1,500 high recovery capacity.
  • Treat high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Sulfates, Nitrates, Heavy Metals, Sodium, Chloride, and much more!
  • Attached prefilters treat suspended solids, sediment, chlorine, VOCs, and other organics.
  • Individual systems and packaged storage tank/delivery pump options available.​
1200gpd light commercial reverse osmosis system
TSM Stainless Steel RO System

400gpd to 1500gpd Craft Beer & Brewery Reverse Osmosis Water Packages
  Limited Time RainDance H2O Brew Master Packae Special Includes: 
  • Choose one of our 400gpd, 800gpd, 1200gpd, or 1500gpd Reverse Osmosis System -  Show Room Quality Stainless Steel Finish #4
  • RO Membrane Fast-Flush  Helps extend membrane life. This will provide a momentary high velocity flow across the membrane to help flush away any accumulated particles or debris.
  • TDS Monitor Blending Valve  The blend valve option adds a metering valve to the system to allow blending of filtered feed water to the permeate output flow allowing a specific permeate TDS level to be achieved
  • Pretreatment  High capacity sediment, rust, and dirt prefilter   
  • Pretreatment  High capacity carbon - chlorine, chemical odor, and voc prefilter 
  • Separate External Water Alarm
  • 300 gallon capacity storage tank
  • Float Switch
  • 10gpm delivery pump   
brew master beer water filters
TSM Brew Master Series

400gpd to 1500gpd Light Commercial Reverse Osmosis With Deionization Water Purification Packages
Limited Time RainDance H2O RO / DI Packagel Includes: 
  • Choose one of our 400gpd, 800gpd, 1200gpd, or 1500gpd Reverse Osmosis System Show Room Quality Stainless Steel Finish #4
  • RO Membrane Fast-Flush – Helps extend membrane life. This will provide a momentary high velocity flow across the membrane to help flush away any accumulated particles or debris.
  • Pretreatment  High capacity sediment, rust, and dirt prefilter   
  • Pretreatment  High capacity carbon - chlorine, chemical odor, and voc prefilter 
  • Separate External Water Alarm - Senses Leaks
  • Post Treatment  Mix Bed High Purity Post DI Cartridge: Ultra High Purity water > 18 Megohm. Deionizers are most commonly used when reverse osmosis (RO) alone cannot be relied upon to produce water of acceptable quality. Mixed bed cartridges may be placed downstream of the RO unit, completing the purification process. 
RO & DI Packages

2000gpd to 12000gpd Compact Vertical Floor Standing Reverse Osmosis Systems
Commercial 2000gpd, 4000gpd, 6000gpd, 8000gpd, 10000gpd, and 12000gpd RO Systems
Our TV Series is designed for commercial/industrial applications where floor space is at a premium. All major system elements are mounted within a sturdy tubular stainless steel frame, welded for long term rigidity and open for easy access to all components. The TV system is a compact, heavy duty RO water purifier for users requiring 2,000 up to 12,000 gallons per day of water production. TV systems are fully equipped with the instruments, micro-processor control, and controls needed for reliable long term operation.
6000gpd reverse osmosis system
TV-2000 Thru TV-12000 Reverse Osmosis

Commercial Integrated Skid Mount Reverse Osmosis Systems 2000gpd - 12000gpd
Complete multi-filtration process on one skid! Unlike most multi-piece water treatment systems that are scattered throughout your business, our RDWS-TV-RO-SKID Series mobile integrated skid mount unit contains complete pretreatment, reverse osmosis, re-pressurization pump, motor, microprocessor based controller, and UV disinfection all on a single skid base frame with wheels for easy positioning. To complete our RDWS-TV-RO-SKID Series package these units also include two (2) 300gal storage tanks with float assembly as a standard feature. Most importantly, our RDWS-TV-RO-SKID Series is pretested before shipping, user friendly, and components are shipped pre-plumbed on the skid and the unit only requires a 220 volt 1 phase 60 Hz power source. **Custom & overseas power connections available. 

Our skid mount RDWS-TV-RO-SKID Series reverse osmosis systems have had often greater than 95% of dissolved ions, and 99% of most contaminants removed.

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whole house skid mount ro system
Integrated Skid Reverse Osmosis Systems

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination Systems 750gpd to 1,500gpd 
Limited Time RainDance H2O SWRO Package Includes: 
  • 750GPD or 1500GPD High Capacity Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System
  • RO Membrane Pure-Flush – Helps extend membrane life. Clean water flushes the membrane upon start-up flush away any accumulated particles or debris.
  • Pretreatment  High capacity sand, sediment and dirt prefilter 
  • Pretreatment  Ultraviolet UV Water Disinfection    
  • Separate External Water Alarm  Senses Leaks
  • 300 gallon capacity storage tank  the water produced by the sea water reverse osmosis system comes out as a small stream, which is why you need a separate storage tank (at least 300 gallons storage or more) and a re-pressure pump to deliver the filtered water into your applications.
  • Float Switch
  • 10gpm delivery pump  Delivers water from storage tank to your application   
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sea water filter
1500gpd Sea Water Filter

Portable Emergency Water Purification Systems to Prepare for Any Disaster
State-Of-The-Art Portable Nano Water Filtration (NF) Systems

When a crisis hits your area and corrupts your drinking water supply, rest assured with our Portable Emergency Water Purification System in your hands. Whether a power outage leaves you unable to draw water from your well, or a flood or hurricane contaminates the city's drinking water supply, or an earthquake damages your plumbing, this advanced Nanofiltration water purification system will deliver soft, filtered drinking water from almost any water source. And when you are forced to evacuate because of an emergency, easily take our Portable Emergency system with you to wherever you may end up!

The Rain-TPC Water Systems offer a unique portable filtration able to reduce or remove multiple contaminants from many different water sources. Featuring Nano Membranes, water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane that captures 75-80% of contaminants. Nano membrane filtration capabilities exceed expectations for filtered drinking water in cases of emergency. Our nano membranes provide high productivity performance while filtering and reducing a high percentage ofsalts, nitrates, sulfates, tannins, fluoride, hard water, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, and organic compounds such as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, THM precursors, and more, all without the use of chemicals or added salts.

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portable nano water softener
Portable Nano Water Filter

High Capcity Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems From 20000gpd to 100,000gpd
Integrated Treatment Systems - Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems
In many past projects, we have had the responsibility of integrating multiple water treatment and process functions with RO membrane purification on an integrated skid system. Such integrated processes have included bulk media prefiltration, ozonation, UV, antiscalant injection, post pH correction injection as well as specific customer components. These specialized integrated systems come on a unitized skid frame with central water and power connections. They have been produced for applications such as humidification control, environmental fog and misting, hothouse/agriculture, food processing, bio-manufacturing, power plant process water, potable water production, and others. When a complete system approach is needed to provide the solution to a water treatment requirement, we can deliver the solution!

100,000gpd reverse osmosis system
Industrial Reverse Osmosis

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Typical Rejection Characteristics of Commercial Reverse Osmosis
You may or may not have these contaminants in your water.
The percentage rejection rate is for reference only. Percentages may vary since water chemistry varies in each water supply.
 Rejection Rate
 Rejection rate
 96%- 98%
 Ameobic Cysts
Hydrocarbons, Proteins, Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Trichlorethylene & THMs (chlorine by-products) will be rejected at 90% or greater with carbon pretreatment
( RainDance Water Systems)

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