Water Treatment : Low pH, Acidic Well Water

What is Acidic Water?

Water which contains excess acidity tends to act aggressively towards plumbing and fixtures, causing corrosion and staining (i.e.-blue green stains on fixtures from copper pipes). Relative acidity/alkalinity is measured on the pH scale, ranging from 0- 1 4, where 7 is neutral, numbers lower than 7 are progressively more acidic, and numbers higher than seven are increasingly alkaline (basic). The pH value refers not to the quantity of acidity, but rather to the relative acidity/alkalinity of a particular sample. Acidic PH levels can cause heavy metal (lead & copper) leaching, causing plumbing damage, pin holes in copper pipes and fixtures. This can lead to an expensive problem in your homes plumbing system. pH: EPA secondary drinking water standard pH acceptable range for water is 6.5-8.5

What Are The Problems Associated With Acidic, Low pH Well Water ? 

  • Blue-green (copper) stains, in sinks of tubes
  • Rust marks in tubs, toilet bowls, and refrigerator ice trays,
  • Pin whole Leaks in pipes and fixtures
  • Repairing, replacing Hot Water Heaters, Dishwasher, Faucets corrosion
  • Metallic taste in the water and ice cubes
  • Blue or green stained hair
  • Stained cloths and laundry
  • Corrosion on faucets, leaky sinks and toilets.

Residential Acidic, Low pH Neutralizer Systems:

 "RDWS-PH-MAX" Well Water Low, Acidic PH Correction Systems

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