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State Of The Art Stainless Steel TSM RO Series - Made In The USA

Stainless steel is used throughout; in frame, pressure vessels and fastening hardware to provide the structural strength and corrosion resistance appropriate for a commercial appliance. Perefect Choice - compact wall mount water filter solutions for coffee shops, cafe's, restaurants, spot-free rinse, labs, greenhouses, growers, drinking water, and small business.

The TSM range of Reverse Osmosis Systems are a more slim-line range of R.O. Filters than our TV Series
and are polished # 4 stainless steel for a more aesthetically pleasing fixture for your place of business.

Wall Mount / Shelf Mount 400gpd - 1500gpd Water Production
TSM Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers
TSM series of commercial Reverse Osmosis water purifiers built to suit the needs and requirements of commercial pure water users.
This includes restaurants, coffee stores, convenience stores, micro breweries, supermarket produce and food preparation operations, misting and humidification systems, car wash facilities, and many other businesses that must have consistent high quality water for their daily operations. The key factors of reliability, servicability, and consistent performance with minimum user intervention are achieved in the solid design of the TSM systems. Stainless steel is used throughout; in frame, pressure vessels and fastening hardware to provide the structural strength and corrosion resistance appropriate for a commercial appliance.

The TSM system design is optimized for either shelf mount or wall mount installation. The four models; 400 GPD, 800 GPD, 1200 GPD and 1500 GPD all occupy the same very compact footprint. This allows flexibility in accomodating the limited space available in most commercial utility equipment locations. Quick connect tube fittings on all system ports further simplifies installation and service. Most important, all TSM models incorporate the most reliable combination of proven reverse osmosis hydraulic design and state of the art Thin Film membrane elements to provide the long term performance expected by commercial users.

New Water Purification Features: TSM Reverse Osmosis Blending Mixing Valve with TDS monitoring option. This new feature came about mainly from the very rapid proliferation of craft and micro breweries, especially in California. Those brewers that prefer to use purified water for their process also like to be able to dial in a set TDS ppm when they make water for a batch - much like certain coffee shops that specific ppm target for the purified water in all their stores. The TSM-BLEND option gives you that ability in any of the 400, 800, 1200 or 1500 GPD versions of the TSM reverse osmosis compact system. This new premium option is perfect for independent premium coffee shops, tea stores, labs, manufacturing, pharmacies, or any process operation that needs to control and monitor the actual reverse osmosis product water quality.

All TSM Reverse Osmosis systems include the
following important quality features.
• Stainless Steel Frame & Pressure Vessels
• Thin Film Composite Membranes
• High Performance 3/4 HP Motors
• Positive Displacement Rotary Vane Pump
• Integral Hydraulic Manifold Assembly
• Fast Flush Control
• Low Feed Pressure Cutout Switch
• Tank Pressure Control Switch
• Delrin Orifice or Teflon Tube Flow Control
• Feed Inlet Solenoid Valve
• SS Needle Valve Pressure Control
• Product Tank Pressure Relief Valve
• Includes: TDS Meter -Tester. The Only Way To Know If Your Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane Is Performing Correctly - Tests for TDS - Total Dissolved Solids. A Must For All RO System Owners. Compare Incoming Feed Water To Treated Water. TDS is the sum of the mineral salts in water and if too high can result in objectionable taste, cloudy ice, interference with the flavor of foods and beverages and scale left behind in pipes, machinery, glass, etc.
• All Systems Wet Tested Before Shipping
Operating Parameters: Max TDS-2500ppm, Total iron is less than 0.3ppm, Manganese is less than 0.05ppm, Water hardness below 5 gpg.

RainDance Water Systems Exclusive Limited Time Only TSM Stainless Steel RO Series FREE Pre-Treatment Special
Protect Your Investment, Save Money, Avoid Unnecessary Downtime! - LIMITED TIME FREE SPECIAL
INCLUDED FREE *Dual 20" sediment / carbon filter pretreatment system included FREE with every TSM reverse osmosis system order. Attaches directly to the base of the TSM RO system creating a unitized wall mount assembly. The Pre-filter components are mounted within a sturdy, heavy gauge stainless steel frame with easy access to inlet and outlet connections.
FREE Integrated Dual Sediment/Carbon Prefilter System Included.
Provides Reverse Osmosis Membrane Protection from Premature Fouling (loss of rejection & production).
Consists of (1) Sediment Filter Cartridge + (1) Carbon Block Filter Cartridge.
Sediment Filter is rated @ 5 microns and filters Suspended Solids (dirt, rust, sediment, etc).
Carbon Filter Significantly Reduces Chlorine and Organic Compounds.
Heavy gauge stainless steel frame with fasteners to attach to the TSM RO System,
wall mountable as support for TSM-RO system, 2 each 20” Slim Line pre-filters,
Feed shut-off ball valve and EZ-Wrench for no-hassle pre-filter maintenance.
Premium Stainless Steel TSM Reverse Osmosis Water Purification
 Perfect For Manufacturing, Restaurants, Cafe's, Bars, Coffee, Tea, Ice Supply, Labs, Small Business

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Quote The Following TSM Stainless Steel Compact Reverse Osmosis System
TSM-400 Reverse Osmosis System (400gpd)
TSM-800 Reverse Osmosis System (800gpd)
TSM-1200 Reverse Osmosis System (1200gpd)
TSM-1500 Reverse Osmosis System (1500gpd)

New TDS Blending/Mixing Option- The basic configuration of the TSM series products is ideal for many typical water purification applications. However, there are certain users such as craft/micro breweries, labs, manufacturing, and premium coffee houses that often desire the ability to monitor and control the TDS level of the output purified water. This option is available on TSM-400 to 1500 systems. The Blend option includes a digital TDS monitor and a metering needle valve. This option allows a precise amount of filtered feed water to be added (blended) to the reverse osmosis product water flow and the blended TDS level is displayed on the monitor readout.

Add TDS Blending Option At No Charge
Options: Quote Me The Following Pre-Charged TSM Reverse Osmosis Space Saving Pressure Tank 30 gallon hydro-pneumatic pressure tank. 20 gallons in storage.
40 gallon hydro-pneumatic pressure tank. 27 gallons in storage.
80 gallon hydro-pneumatic pressure tank. 58 gallons in storage.
LARGE CAPACITY STORAGE TANK OPTIONS: Quote The Following Storage Tank Options 200 Gallon Atmospheric Large Capacity Storage Tank
300 Gallon Atmospheric Large Capacity Storage Tank
500 Gallon Atmospheric Large Capacity Storage Tank
RE-PRESSURE PUMP OPTIONS: Quote The Following Re-pressure Pump For Large Capacity Tanks Listed Above. 10gpm @ 48psi Re-Pressure Pump 110v
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