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"Our mission is to provide our California & Worldwide customers with the highest quality of service and the most innovative, highly effective residential & commercial water softeners, filter systems, and well water treatment equipment at a competitive price point"

 RainDance H2O offers various types of standard and specialty custom water treatment equipment packages including, commercial reverse osmosis, under the sink ro systems, commercial water softeners, residential water softeners, well water filters, iron filters, well water softeners, water well bacteria treatment, landscape & irrigation water filters, whole house chlorine bad tastes and odor water filters, city water home water softeners, sea water desalination systems, salt water reverse osmosis, uv ultraviolet disinfection, water filters for restaurants, agriculture water treatment, farms, ranches, hospitals, schools, casinos, green houses, produce growers, water stores, bottled water, replacement filter media, carbon, softening resins, control valves, replacement membranes, water softener repair parts, filter housings, free basic water testing & water analysis, water equipment service manuals, custom made commercial water treatment & the "California" green alternative to salt based water softeners: no salt water conditioner systems to control hard water scale.

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We specialize in small & large scale livestock and agriculture applications whether you have a small 5 horse mini-ranch, greenhouse operation, commercial poultry business, full-scale dairy farm, or avocado farm we can provide a proven economical clean water treatment solutions.

We offer a full-line of custom Livestock Drinking Water Purification, Irrigation, Produce Growers, Agriculture, & Commercial Business water filtration products designed to remove Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Sodium (Na), Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR), Sulfates (SO4), Nitrates (NO3-N), Electrical Conductivity (E.C.), Chloride (Cl), Bicarbonates (HCO3), Hardness, Silica, Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), VOC Organic Chemicals, Sediment, Turbidity, Bacteria & Viruses, Arsenic  and more. If your water quality is affecting your pets, livestock, farming or agriculture business please Contact RainDance H20 Today !

RainDance H2O News & Updates: Eco-Friendly anti-scale water conditioner systems use no salt, no drain line, and no electricity. No More Adding Salt ! Catalytic media accelerates the transformation of the calcium and magnesium (hard water minerals) out of the water solution into harmless nano sized crystal particles. Compare against our competitors "salt-free water softeners" Learn more about our complete selection of non-salt water conditioners and filters....Here  

Water Treatment Products & Services: We have successfully treated problem well water including iron staining, rotten egg odor, hard water, bad tastes, off-color, and other contaminants throughout Northern & Southern California and the San Diego Back Country including Santa Ysable, Julian, Alpine, Lakeside, Campo, Borrego Springs, Warner Springs, Palomar Mountain, and Ramona, California with well water filters & custom well water softeners. If you have a home or business that uses well water contact us today for our best well water treatment recommendations. 

How To Filter Well Water: Well Water quality can vary from well to well – even season to season. Well water problems include iron & manganese, sulfur odor, nitrates, arsenic, sulfate, sodium, iron bacteria, coliform bacteria and other contaminants. For that reason we have provided a list of the most common well water problems and preferred water filtration methods that our customers throughout the U.S., from California to Texas to Florida to Ohio have asked us about ......Learn more here

Commercial Water Purification:  The NSF 55 Class A UV Disinfection Series: If you are required to install a NSF 55 Class A Certified UV Water Treatment System we have the solution! Effective in killing off bacteria and viruses such as:  Coliform Bacteria   Leptospira Interrogans (Infectious Jaundice)   Salmonella Typhosa (Typhoid Fever)   Bacteriophage (E. coli)    Hepatitus Virus   Chlorella Vulgaris   Influenza Virus   Legionella Pneumophila (Legionnaires' Disease)

Reverse Osmosis System Selection Guide:
Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Whole House, Under the Counter Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

TV Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

TSM Wall Mount Reverse Osmosis System

Skid Mount Reverse Osmosis System

Under the counter reverse osmosis filter

Sea water desalination systems

Commercial reverse osmosis water filter systems are designed for applications such as glassware, rinsing, beverage, solution preparation, manufacturing, food & restaurant and numerous other scientific, commercial and industrial applications. Water purified by reverse osmosis has had often greater than 95%of dissolved ions, and 99% of most contaminants removed. click here for details..... 

Custom Built Commercial RO Systems From 150gpd  to 1,000,000 gpd Review R/O Selection Below

    • TSM Series Reverse Osmosis Systems - Premium wall mount series are ideal for minimum footprint commercial /industrial uses. These units are compact, stainless steel, and built to do the job! These ro systems mount directly on a wall or shelf and are designed for easy access to all major system components. The TSM system is a compact, heavy duty R.O. water purifier for users requiring 400 to 1500 gallons per day water production. Integrated (RO) Pretreatment Now Included at no extra charge - High Chemical Absorptive Capacity, Significantly Reduces Chlorine, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), TOC, and Sediment prior to (RO) system. Combination RO/DI Water Purification Packages Also Available. click here for product details... or request a same day quote
    • TV Series Reverse Osmosis Systems - TV series are designed for commercial /industrial applications where floor space is at a premium. All major system elements are mounted within a sturdy tubular stainless steel frame, welded for long term rigidity and open for easy access to all components. The TV system is a compact, heavy duty R.O. water purifier for users requiring 2000 to 12000 gallons per day water production. We offer reverse osmosis water filters for Horticulture, Agriculture, Livestock, Green Houses- Orchards, Groves, Food, Ice,and Beverage Industry, Bottled Water Stores, Pharmaceutical, Electronic Industry, Process Water, Chemical Industry, Electroplating Industry, Electrical Power Generating, Polymer Solutions and more. click here for TV product details... or request a same day quote.
    • RDWS-SKID Complete Reverse Osmosis Filtration Plants - Fully integrated commercial reverse osmosis water purification on one skid. Unlike, most multi-piece water treatment systems that are scattered throughout your business our RDWS-TV-RO-SKID Series mobile integrated skid mount unit contains pretreatment for city or well water sources, reverse osmosis, re-pressurization pump, motor, microprocessor based controller, and UV disinfection all on a single skid base frame with wheels for easy positioning. To complete our RDWS-TV-RO-SKID Series reverse osmosis package these units also include a 300gal storage with float assembly as a standard feature. User Friendly ! Everything within the skid is pre-plumbed and wired. There is a single point power inlet connection and the customer has to simply connect to the storage tank and then to his usage. Unit only requires a 220 volt 1 phase 60 Hz power source. click here for turnkey skid mount details...or request a same day quote.
    • TP Series Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems - RainDance Water Systems specializes in creating specific RO systems to meet unique customer needs. The Horizontal product line allows for large volumes and specialized water treatment. These custom engineered systems can handle a broad range of industrial, commercial and agricultural water purification applications. Output: 24,000-1,000,000 gal/day Ideal for: Surface, Well, City, and Brackish Water. click here for details...
    • Water filters for Agriculture, California Avocado & Citrus Growers, Arizona, Texas, Florida Farmers and Ranchers we can provide cost effective 50,000,100,000, 200,000+ gallon per day capacity commercial reverse osmosis for all your Irrigation, Winery, Agriculture, Livestock, Avocado, Green Houses, Orchards, Citrus Groves, Food, Ice & Beverage and Manufacturing needs. click here for details...  
    • Residential Home Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems - We offer a large selection of home and office under the sink reverse osmosis water filters and whole house reverse osmosis filtered water systems. Choose from our selection of 3,4, 5, and 6 stage ro drinking water filters. click here for details... 
    • Sea Water Desalination - Use our salt water filtration units as your primary filtration system or use as an emergency stand-by water filter unit. Learn how our selection of small 500gpd to 24,000gpd light commercial sea water purification systems can turn sea water into fresh drinking water for your home, business, cottage, vacation home, or hotel. The best known applications for the RO process is in sea water desalination, where fresh water is generated from seawater by removing the salt.. click here for details...
Water Filters for Horses and other Livestock

The Stockwater series of purification systems provide clean, healthy drinking water for horses and other livestock as well as greenhouses and organic gardens in areas where the available water supply contains high levels of minerals or other undesirable contaminants. The key features of the Stockwater models are portability, simplicity, rugged design, and the ability to operate on typical tap or well water line pressure. Learn more here

The Stockwater systems can be wheeled out to greenhouses, gardens, barns, corrals and other livestock areas, connected to a water supply hose and turned on to supply fresh, good tasting water to troughs or other watering containers. The most important part of the Stockwater system is the special membrane that creates the purified water. Unlike the membranes used in most reverse osmosis systems which remove up to 99% of dissolved minerals the Stockwater membrane removes only about 80 to 90%. This means that the Stockwater purified water contains the partial mineral content vital for health and good taste while eliminating excessive hardness and off taste components which can cause lower than normal hydration in livestock.  Learn more here

The Stockwater series of purification systems provide clean, healthy drinking water for livestock in areas where the available water supply contains high levels of minerals or other undesirable contaminants. The key features of the Stockwater models are portability, simplicity, rugged design, and the ability to operate on typical tap or well water line pressure.  Learn more here


Water Softener System Selection Guide:
Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Whole House Water Softeners, Twin Continuous Softening Systems
Commercial Water Softeners

Home Water Softeners

whole house water softeners and filter systems

Water softening is an important process, because the hardness of water in homes and commercial business is reduced during this process. When water is hard, it can clog pipes, plumbing and machinery. Water softening can prevent the negative effects of hard water. Due to hard water scale build-up, pipes are blocked and the efficiency of hot water boilers and tanks is reduced. Another negative effect of hard water scale is that it has damaging effects on machinery, such as laundry machines and water using appliances. Water softening means expanding the life span of machinery and the life span of pipelines. It also contributes to a longer lifespan of solar heating systems, air conditioning units and many other commercial water-based applications.

Residential & Commercial Water Softeners From 10gpm to 300gpm - Review Selection Below  

    • Commercial Water Softeners - Commercial Industrial Hard Water Softener Solutions - Casinos, Resorts, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurant, Farm, Apartment Buildings, and Commercial Business Water Softeners. Hard water causes several problems. Scale that forms with hard water increase energy costs significantly. Our water softeners will rectify this quickly and efficiently. Our Commercial water softener treatment equipment is designed for a wide variety of Commercial/Industrial softening applications Featuring flow rates from 11gpm up to 300gpm and grain capacity from 30,000 up to 1,200,000. We can offer water softeners to unique specifications, single, duplex, triplex and custom configurations. Commercial water softeners made to order.. click here for details...
    • Whole House Water Softeners - Softeners from RainDance Water Systems will protect your plumbing fixtures, pipes, appliances and help you eliminate soap curd which will significantly result in better "cleaning power" from your soaps, detergents, and general household cleaning products. This means that you will use far less of these soaps & cleaners (about 70% less). Soft water will also increase the life of fabrics since the fabric fibers will not become prematurely brittle and colors will not prematurely fade. This saves you money since you are not replacing clothes, towels, sheets, etc as frequently as you would with hard water washing. Our best selling residential water softeners for small and larger households. Metered, 3/4", 1", 1.25", and high flow 1.5" Plumbing Ports, Softening systems for the home. click here for details...
    • Our Signature Series - The RainDancePLUS Package Total Home Water Softening and Water Filtration -Each RainDancePLUS, RainDanceMAX, and RainDanceULTRA Package include water quality assurance - We offer Complete Whole House Water Softeners - Guaranteed to soften your water ! Our top of the line whole house packages feature the following advantages: Whole house chlorine, bad tastes, and odor water filtration, hard water softening performance, optional premium certified proven reverse osmosis drinking water system, Proven Performance - Reverse Osmosis drinking water filter has been tested and Certified by NSF International against NFS / ANSI Standard 58 for the reduction of Contaminants: Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Copper, Cyst, Fluoride, Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, Radium 226/228, Selenium, TDS, Trivalent Chromium, Turbidity. click here for details...
    • Water Softener Comparisons - Hard water, scale, etching, hard water spots, foul tastes, odors, and colors that make the water taste, smell,or look bad. The most common reason for installing a filter is to improve the hardness, taste and odor of water. Compare and learn how RainDance Water Systems can improve chlorine bad tastes, odor and offer soft water at every tap. Ask us about our sodium free water softener alternatives. click here for details...

No Salt Water Systems Selection Guide:
Salt Free Water Conditioners, Anti-Scale Systems, Whole House Water Filtration, Carbon Plus KDF Drinking Water Filters, Green Water Treatment, Compare To Our Competitors "Salt Free Water Softening Alternatives"

salt free water conditioners

whole house carbon water filter

Compare & Review Our Best No Salt Water Systems With Our Online Green Comparisons

The ECO Friendly RDWS-Sierra Package No Salt Whole House Water Conditioner & Filter

Stage #1 - Whole House Carbon Water Filter
•Water flows from your main service line into the Carbon Chlorine Pre-Filter System.
•Provides whole house chlorine bad tastes and chemical odor filtration.
click here for details... 

Stage #2 - Salt Free Hard Water Conditioner w/Vortech Distributor System
•Water flows from the Carbon Pre-Filtration System into the non-salt hard water conditioner.
•The water flows from the top of the tank straight to the bottom of the tank through the internal distributor tube.
•The water exits the tube and is diffused to allow it to fully flow through the bed of antiscale media.
•This upflow service design eliminates the need for an automatic control valve and the production of waste water like other whole house systems.
•Provides no salt whole house hard water scale reduction.
 click here for details... 

Whole House NO SALT Water Filters - Water Conditioners - Drinking Water Filters -  Review Selection Below 

  • RDWS-Sierra Package - The Space Saving RDWS-Sierra Package is both a whole house chlorine water filter and no salt water conditioner designed to filter chlorine bad tastes and odors from chlorinated municipal city water supplies as well as treat the harsh effects of hard water scale without the use of a salt based water softener. The RDWS-Sierra Package is different from most no salt systems as it does not require an electronic control valve or drain line thus No Waste Water! No Electricity! No Salt Discharge! No Programming! Easier Installation - Inlet / Outlet Connections Only! Easy Maintenance! Lifetime Tank Warranty!. click here for details... 
  • Deluxe RDWS-Sierra-UV Package - The Deluxe RDWS Sierra-UV Package offers whole house drinking water filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, no salt hard water conditioning and chlorine bad tastes and odors filtration from chlorinated city municipal water supplies.  Designed to treat the harsh effects of hard water scale without the use of a salt based water softener. The Deluxe RDWS Sierra-UV Package is different from most no salt systems as it offers uv water treatment and does not require a backwashing control valve or drain line thus No Waste Water! No Salt Discharge! No Programming! Easier Installation - Inlet / Outlet Connections Only! Easy Maintenance! Lifetime Tank Warranty!. click here for details...
  • Carbon Filters - These whole house water filter units are designed as a point-of-entry system that filters water directly as it enters the home plumbing system from a municipal or private well water source. The WH-Carb whole house water filter provides clean, chlorine bad tastes and odor filtered water to every water source in the household. The most common reason for installing a carbon filter is to improve the taste and odor of water. click here for details...

Well Water Filter Selection Guide: Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Irrigation, Whole House Well Water Treatment
Iron & Manganese Filtration, Sulfur Odor Removal, Iron Bacteria Treatment, Well Water Purification, Sediment & Sand Filters, Hard Well Water Softeners, Nitrates, Sulfates, Low pH Systems and more.

Commercial Water Filter

well water softener

Iron Max Well Water Filter

uv ultraviolet disinfection


Let RainDance Water Systems solve your well water problems. If you have well water, we will have the filter solution. Please take some time to browse through our commercial & whole house well water filters below & feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance. We offer custom well water treatment solutions. Not just "one size fits all" Well water filters designed for residential, commercial, irrigation, and industrial iron removal applications where higher filtration flow rates are required. To help solve you well water problems we have complied a comprehensive list of our well water filters below. Each filter is different ranging from higher flow rates to greater filtering capacities. Our well filters below have been designed to effectively remove the iron, iron bacteria, manganese, sulfur, sulfur reducing bacteria, correct acidic water (low pH), nitrates, sulfates, tannins, sodium, TDS total dissolved solids, hard water, and more. click here for details...

Whole House Well Water Filters - Commercial Iron Filter Irrigation Sediment Filters - Home - Business - Restaurants - Hotel - Review Selection Below  - RainDance Water Systems offers well water testing before and after your water filter purchase. 

    • Commercial Iron Filters - Commercial Well Water Treatment Solutions - water filters for Irrigation, Casinos, Resorts, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurant, Farm, Apartment Buildings, and Commercial Business. Choose from a broad range of RainDance Water Systems Iron Removal Filters, Manganese Filtration, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Treatment, Chlorine & Organic Chemical Filters, Hard Water Scale Treatment & Water Softeners, Sediment, Sand, Silt & Turbidity Filtration Systems. We can meet or design these systems to accommodate your commercial flow rates from 10gpm to 600gpm++.  Commercial water filtration built based on your water chemistry. click here for details...
    • Well Water Filter Comparisons - Ask RainDance Water Systems how to select the best well water filter for your specific needs. Does your well water smell like rotten eggs or have a sulfur odor ? Are you experiencing orange reddish iron rust staining or blackish brown manganese staining ? Have you noticed hard water spots on your dish ware and fixtures ? Do you have concerns about the quality of your drinking water ? From iron filtration to well water softening to odor removal to clean drinking water systems we can solve your poor well water quality problems. Well water filter systems  for the home. click here for details...
    • Iron Max Well Water Filter -The Whole House or Irrigation Iron Max well water filters are considered maintenance-free systems and are completely chemical and salt free. In other words they do not require salt pellets, chlorine or other chemicals for backwashing. Designed for whole house, irrigation, and light commercial applications to filter high levels of Ferrous (clear water iron), Ferric (red/orange as drawn), Manganese (black staining), Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (rotten egg odor), and Suspended Solids (solid particles suspended in water) to provide quality drinking water. click here for details...
    • Iron Eater Well Water Softener - The Whole House & Light Commercial Iron Eater & Twin Alternating Continuous Iron Eater well water softener removes over twice as much iron as the Iron Max does and also provides whole house hard well water softening. Designed to filter higher levels of Ferrous (clear water iron), Ferric (red/orange as drawn), Manganese (black staining), and Soften Hard Water (calcium and magnesium scale) scale, etching, and hard water spots. click here for details...
    • Deluxe Iron Eater-125UV Package - The Deluxe Iron Eater-125UV offers multiple water treatment capabilities including hard well water softening, iron removal, and Certified NSF 55 Class A UV ultraviolet water treatment. Water quality can deteriorate without notice, Due to episodic, climatic, seasonal, or other changes. Examples: drought or precipitation, development, earth movement, agricultural practices, changes in surrounding aquifer demand and water level, etc. Unfortunately, most people don’t take precautions until they’ve experienced a bad water test. Proven & Tested - There is a big difference between cheaper non-certified UV and NSF certified UV systems - The only global gold standard accepted by environmental regulatory agents worldwide, the NSF/ANSI 55 Class A Certified system, ensures that there will be a minimum UV dose of 40mJ/cm2 at the end of lamp life. And if the transmittance of the water drops below 75%, the UV system will detect it  click here for details...  

Identifying three common forms of well water iron: 

    • Ferrous - This type of iron is often called "clear water iron" since it is not visible in poured water. It is found in water which contains no oxygen, such as water from deep wells or groundwater.
    • Ferric - Ferric iron is also known as "red water iron". This type of iron is basically ferrous iron which has been exposed to oxygen (oxidized), usually from the air. These oxidized particles are generally visible in poured water.
    • Bacterial Iron - Slime depositing in toilet tanks or fouling water filters and softeners is a good indication of the presence of bacterial iron. Iron bacteria live by obtaining energy through the oxidation of ferrous iron to ferric iron and utilize the resulting CO2 to create organic molecules for their existence. Growths of these bacteria result in a gelatinous material, which can clog pipes and cause a foul taste. This material often forms in the tanks of toilets and will produce a "rainbow" slick on the surface. The most common non-pathogenic bacteria found in water, is iron bacteria. Iron bacteria can be readily identified by the red, feathery floc which forms overnight at the bottom of a sample bottle containing iron and iron bacteria. In some places, it causes great damage; in others, it is considered a minor nuisance.
    • Common Well Water Problems & Water Treatment Solutions: RainDance Water Systems provides proven solutions to your problem well water quality issues. Whether your well has iron & manganese, leaves orange stains, hard water scale, sulfur odor, bad taste, bacteria issues or has high total dissolved solids we have the solution to your water treatment needs. See our list of common water problems and their corrections <here> 

      Deluxe Iron Eater-UV Series = Well Water Treatment Description: Designed for multi-problem well water treatment issues including iron, manganese, hard water and bacteria concerns such as coliform and e-coli bacteria. This whole house well water treatment package contains iron filtration, hard water softening and proven third party tested, NSF 55 Class A certified ultraviolet disinfection for the removal of pathogenic organisms from water supply sources -- NSF/ANSI Standard 55, Class A certification for UV Disinfection models included with our Deluxe Iron Eater-125UV Package Series. The Class A certification for disinfection of microbiologically contaminated water that meets all other public health standards represents NSF’s most stringent standard for UV system certification. UV series unit is certified to deliver the Class A standard UV dose of more than 40 millijoules per square centimeter (mJ/cm2). In addition to being the Class A standard, 40 mJ/cm2 is the recommended UV dose for drinking water by the U.S. EPA as well as most European governments. This certification enables our customers to feel assured that their drinking water will always be safely and effectively disinfected. Note: If your local county or state requires that you purchase a NSF Certified UV System, than you must choose a UV system that will produce 40m/J dosage. Assurance: All Deluxe Iron Eater-125UV Packages include UV systems that are NSF Certified 55 Class A and produce a 40 m/J dosage.

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