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"Our mission is to provide our California & Worldwide customers with the highest quality of service and the most innovative, highly effective residential & commercial water softeners, filter systems, and well water treatment equipment at a competitive price point"

 RainDance H2O offers various types of standard and specialty custom water treatment equipment packages including, commercial reverse osmosis, under the sink ro systems, commercial water softeners, residential water softeners, well water filters, iron filters, well water softeners, water well bacteria treatment, landscape & irrigation water filters, whole house chlorine bad tastes and odor water filters, city water home water softeners, sea water desalination systems, salt water reverse osmosis, uv ultraviolet disinfection, water filters for restaurants, agriculture water treatment, farms, ranches, hospitals, schools, casinos, green houses, produce growers, water stores, bottled water, replacement filter media, carbon, softening resins, control valves, replacement membranes, filter housings, free basic water testing & water analysis, water equipment service manuals, custom made commercial water treatment & the "California" green alternative to salt based water softeners: no salt water conditioner systems to control hard water scale.

RainDance Well Water Filter Directory

Iron & Manganese Filters
Automatic Backwashing Systems
Ferrous & Ferric Iron, Manganese,
Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Treatment
Iron Bacteria Specialty Systems
Iron Filter & Salt-Free Conditioner

         Well Water Softeners
Meter-Initiated Custom Softeners
Hard Water Scale Removal PLUS
Ferrous & Ferric Iron, Manganese,
Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Treatment

Backwashing Sand Filters
Automatic Backwashing Systems
Maintenance-Free Sediment,
Sand, Turbidity Water Treatment
         Low pH Neutralizers
Self-Cleaning Neutralizing Filters
Low pH, Acidic Water Treatment
Corrosion & Stain Prevention

  Nitrate Water Treatment
Meter-Initiated Custom Softeners
Nitrate Water Treatment PLUS
Hard Water Scale Removal

No Softening, Nitrate Only Filters

         Sulfate Water Treatment
Meter-Initiated Custom Softeners
Sulfate Water Treatment PLUS
Hard Water Scale Removal

No Softening, Sulfate Only Filters

Tannin Water Treatment
Meter-Initiated Custom Softeners
Tannin Water Treatment PLUS
Hard Water Scale Removal

No Softening, Tannin Only Filters
         Well Water Packages
Custom Designed Filtration Packages
Complete Well Water Treatment for
Hard Water, Iron, Manganese,
Nitrates, Sulfates, and Tannins

RainDance Residential Water Filter Directory

Chlorine Filters
Automatic Backwashing Systems
Maintenance-Free Chlorine, VOCs
Organic Chemical Water Treatment

         Water Softeners
Meter Initiated Softening Systems
Hard Water Scale Removal
Sodium-Free Options Available

Salt-Free Water Conditioners
Hard Water Scale Prevention Systems
Whole House Filtration Included
No Power, No Waste Water, No Salt
         Whole House Filter Packages
Water Filtration & Softening Treatment
High Flow, High Capacity Systems
Complete City Water Treatment Solutions


RainDance Reverse Osmosis Directory

Compact RO Systems
Light Commercial & Whole House
400 - 1,500 GPD
Max TDS: 2,500ppm
High Recovery: 50% (1:1 Ratio)

         Commercial RO Systems
High Capacity, Brackish Water Systems
2,000 - 12,000 GPD
Max TDS: 10,000ppm
High Recovery: 50-70%

Skid Mount RO Systems
Complete Integrated Water Stations
Filtration, Purification, Disinfection
2,000 - 12,000 GPD Capacities
         Under-the-Counter RO
POU Drinking Water Systems
Low Waste ROs, Certified ROs
Alkaline & Brackish Water ROs


RainDance Specialty RO Packages

Whole House RO Packages
City Water & Well Water Systems
High Recovery: 50% (1:1 Ratio)
1-8 Person Households / 1-3 Bathrooms

         Brew Master RO Packages
Includes Dual Chemical Prefiltration
High Recovery: 50% (1:1 Ratio)
Suitable for 1-20BBL Breweries

Agriculture RO Packages
Irrigation, Livestock, Growing
High Recovery: 50% (1:1 Ratio)
Suitable for 1-1,500 Gallons Per Day
         Sea Water RO Packages
Custom Desalination Systems
Max TDS: 50,000ppm
Docks, Boats, Island/Costal Homes

RainDance Nanofiltration Water System Directory

Portable Nano Systems
Perfect for Livestock & Home Use!
400 - 1,500 GPD
Use anywhere a hose spigot can be found! 

         Commercial Nano Systems
Energy-Saving Purification
 2,000 - 12,000 GPD
Suitable for ALL Applications!

Whole House Nano Packages
Simple & Effective Purification Systems
High Recovery: 50% (1:1 Ratio)
1-10 Person Households / 1-5 Bathrooms
         Brew Master Nano Packages
High Productivity Performance
High Recovery: 50% (1:1 Ratio)
Suitable for 1-40BBL Breweries

RainDance Commercial Water Filter Directory

Commercial Iron Filters
Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas
Flow Rates:
 8 - 240 GPM
Pipe Sizes: 3/4" - 2"

         Commercial Sand Filters
Sediment, Sand, Turbidity
Flow Rates:
 10 - 280 GPM
Pipe Sizes: 1" - 2"

Commercial Water Softeners
Capacity: 30k - 1,200k Grains 
Flow Rates:
 10 - 280 GPM
Pipe Sizes: 1" - 3"
         Commercial Carbon Filters
Chlorine & Chemical Removal
Flow Rates:
 3 - 160 GPM
Pipe Sizes: 3/4" - 2"

Brewery Water Treatment
Chemical Taste & Odor Removal
Hard Water Scale Prevention
Perfect Brew Base Water

         Restaurant Water Treatment
Drinking Water Filtration Systems
Spot-Free Water Treatment
Complete Purification Stations

Car Wash Water Treatment
Mineral & Salt Removal
Spot-Free Rinse Treatment
High Capacity Water Filtration
         Water Store Treatment
Integrated Filters & Disinfectors
Purified Drinking Water Systems
Bottled Water Quality Treatment

Residential UV Systems
Whole House Bacteria Disinfection
Flow Rates: 5 - 40 GPM
Private & Public Water Sources

         Commercial UV Systems
High Demand Bacteria Disinfection
Flow Rates: 10 - 340 GPM
Suitable for ALL Applications

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RainDance H2O is part of the RainDance Water Systems water treatment group. RainDance H2O provides all styles of water treatment products, including residential & commercial water softeners, well water filters, commercial water treatment equipment, reverse osmosis water purification systems, sea water desalination units, and lots of great new agriculture and irrigation well water filtration products.

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