Commercial Twin Alternating Nitrate Filters  

The Nitrate Eater alternating twin tanks provide an uninterrupted supply of nitrate filtered water - these systems feature two tanks for treating well water nitrates. Water is treated in one tank while the other is in a standby mode. When the capacity of the first tank is reached, the system automatically switches tanks. The first tank is then recharged. This cycle is repeated when the second tank reaches its capacity point.

Commercial Nitrate Eater - Twin Alternating Nitrate Only Removal Series
Iron Eater Well Water Softener
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Model Media   Size  Pipe Size  Approx. Weight  Flow Rate 
Twin Nitrate Eater-18  10 cu.ft.  Media Tank:
(2) 18" D x 65" H
Brine Tank:
(1) 24" D x 50" H 
1.5" Ports  1077 lbs. 20 gpm 
Twin Nitrate Eater-21  14 cu.ft.  Media Tank:
(2) 21" D x 65" H
Brine Tank:
(1) 24" D x 50" H 
1.5" Ports  1411 lbs.  28 gpm 
Twin Nitrate Eater-24  20 cu.ft.  Media Tank:
(2) 24" D x 75" H
Brine Tank:
(1) 24" D x 50" H 
1.5" Ports  2050 lbs.  40 gpm 
Twin Nitrate Eater-30  30 cu.ft.  Media Tank:
(2) 30" D x 75" H
Brine Tank:
(1) 30" D x 48" H 
2" Ports  3085 lbs.  60 gpm 

Twin Nitrate Eater-14 High Flow Commercial Nitrate Filter Water Softener - Applications Include Whole House, Business, & Livestock

Custom Multipurpose Water Softener/Nitrate Treatment Systems (All-In-One)

Twin Iron Eater Iron Filter


Twin Nitrate Eater-14
Limited Time Price: $4,599.00
*This product is not for sale in California.

Model # Twin Nitrate Eater-14
System Function Twin Alternating Nitrate Removal, Hard Water, Lime Scale Eliminator
Well Water Treatment System
Tank Dimensions Nitrate Eater Tank (2): 14" dia. x 75" ht.
Brine Tank: 24" dia. x 50" ht.
Maximum Flow Rate 15 gpm
Minimum Flow Rate 6 gpm
Maximum Removal Capacities 150ppm Nitrates
40gpg (684ppm) Hardness
Minimum/Maximum Pressure 30/100 psi
Operating Parameters  Iron below 0.3ppm
Manganese below 0.05ppm
pH: 6.0 or greater 
System Weight 525 lbs
Plumbing Size High Flow 1.5" Ports
EZ-Maintenance Just add Standard Softening Pellets
Installation Instructions Yes, Included
Tech Support Yes, Included

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