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STOP Hard Water Limescale Without Softening Water!

Guaranteed Green Technology for Hard Water Scale Prevention 

High Quality Commercial Hard Water Scale Prevention Water Equipment - Commercial Water Treatment Solutions - San Diego, Los Angeles, California Cooling Towers, Boiler Feed Water, Casinos, Resorts, Hospitals, Schools, Restaurant, Farm, Apartment Buildings, Heat Exchangers, Humidifiers, Condensers, Irrigation Systems, Ice Making Machines, Dish Washers, Bottle Washers, Spray Nozzles, Commercial Business Salt Free Water Conditioners. Hard water causes several problems. Scale that forms with hard water increase energy costs significantly. Our systems will rectify this quickly and efficiently.

Water Conditioners For Cooling Towers & Boilers: Scale or lime-scale is a hard, rock-like deposit of mostly calcium salts that forms in heat exchangers and cooling tower packing as a result of heat and increased concentration factor. Scale formation impairs heat transfer, interferes with flow and cooling, and can be a breeding ground for legionella bacteria. The scaling tendency of a water supply will depend on the hardness of the water but if not adequately treated even relatively soft waters can become highly scaling when concentrated by evaporation. Cooling water scale control can be achieved by treating hard water using the commercial Scaletron.

Scaletron Description: Chemical Free Scale Prevention Without The Use Of Power Or Magnets

We provide an industry proven catalytic solution for scale prevention as an alternative to conventional ion exchange systems that have been used in the past. The commercial product Scaletron replaces a section of pipework and can be specified without the need to make provision for floor space or power. The Scaletron consists of a non-sacrificial lead free catalytic core made from a special alloy housed within a non-reactive stainless steel (304) tube.

The Scaletron can be easily installed to treat an entire system or to protect individual components within a system. There are numerous commercial applications from recirculating systems to single pass applications such as water delivery pipe lines to buildings. Built to accommodate plumbing sizes from 3/4" to 3" & Flow rates from 1gpm to 180gpm 

What is lime scale 

Limescale is the precipitation of calcium salts especially in hard water areas when water is heated or there is a pressure drop, causing hard scale to form in pipes, taps, heat exchangers, washing machines and combination boilers. Limescale combines with soap making it lather less. It can clog an entire plumbing system and leaves tidemarks on baths, sinks, basins, toilets and taps that are difficult to remove.

How does Scaletron work? 

Simply put, the Scaletron’s catalytic core causes a reaction to take place that prevents scaling caused by hard water.

Unlike conventional water softeners that physically remove minerals, the catalytic reaction forces minerals associated with scale (calcium and carbon) out of solution. These minerals are suspended in the form of microscopic crystals (calcium carbonate in the aragonite state).

As a result of this treatment there are insufficient scale causing minerals left in solution for scaling to occur as the water passes through the system.


Simple to install 

Scaletron is simply plumbed in to the rising main and is available in 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″ and 3″ sizes to meet the most common required commercial pipe sizes.

Protection for your systems and equipment 

It inhibits the development of scale in both hot and cold water systems reducing the formation of damaging hard scale deposits in appliances and reduces the cost of energy that the presence of hard scale causes in heating systems.

It adds zero chemicals, and uses no energy making it entirely green and eco-friendly. The lifespan of equipment and appliances could be lengthened by not having hard water scale build up on them over time.

Benefits of a Scaletron system 

Scaletron gives most of the benefits of your typical water softener at a fraction of the price, with additional benefits such as:

  1. Easy installation
  2. Fit and forget
  3. Uses no electricity
  4. Uses no chemicals
  5. Uses no salts
  6. No detrimental affect on potable/drinking water
  7. No separate drinking water supply is required
  8. Environment friendly
  9. No contaminated waste water


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