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Water Filters for Horses and other Livestock

The Stockwater series of purification systems provide clean, healthy drinking water for horses and other livestock as well as greenhouses and organic gardens in areas where the available water supply contains high levels of minerals or other undesirable contaminants. The key features of the Stockwater models are portability, simplicity, rugged design, and the ability to operate on typical tap or well water line pressure. Learn more here

The Stockwater systems can be wheeled out to greenhouses, gardens, barns, corrals and other livestock areas, connected to a water supply hose and turned on to supply fresh, good tasting water to troughs or other watering containers. The most important part of the Stockwater system is the special membrane that creates the purified water. Unlike the membranes used in most reverse osmosis systems which remove up to 99% of dissolved minerals the Stockwater membrane removes only about 80 to 90%. This means that the Stockwater purified water contains the partial mineral content vital for health and good taste while eliminating excessive hardness and off taste components which can cause lower than normal hydration in livestock.  Learn more here

The Stockwater series of purification systems provide clean, healthy drinking water for livestock in areas where the available water supply contains high levels of minerals or other undesirable contaminants. The key features of the Stockwater models are portability, simplicity, rugged design, and the ability to operate on typical tap or well water line pressure.  Learn more here

Salt-Free Water Softener Systems & Water Conditioners
Why do some of our competitors call their systems salt-free water softeners and others called them salt free water conditioners? 

The best way to see the difference in our no salt water conditioner systems is to compare our salt-free systems side by side with our competitor’s advertised "Salt-Free Water Softener Systems" components. You will see that the RDWS-Sierra Package has quality and design excellence in all key areas to provide excellent water quality at every tap! Review and compare {here} or visit our updated  Eco-friendly water treatment website @  

Upgrade with UV Ultraviolet Water Disinfection with the Deluxe RDWS Sierra-UV Package

Commercial UV Water Treatment Systems
Residential & commercial uv water disinfection systems NSF 55 Class A Certified

Commercial UV bacteria & virus water treatment system specifically designed to meet the demanding microorganism control requirements in high purity water systems. Typical Industrial disinfection applications include: Dairy, manufacturing, food & beverage, schools, hospitals, produce growers, agriculture, farms, livestock, pharmaceutical, electronics, cosmetics, breweries, chemical plants, bottling plants, marine industries, petroleum industries, drinking water, textile industry, swimming pools, microelectronics, universities, blood banks, medical centers, cosmetics and food industries, and research industries. Available flow rates from 10 gallons per minute – plumb 2 or more in parallel for higher flow rate applications! - The optional COMMcenter displays dose in real-time and can monitor up to 9 UV systems - that’s up to 270 gpm! Click here for pricing

Reverse Osmosis System Innovations
New residential & commercial reverse osmosis water systems options

TSM Reverse Osmosis Blending Mixing Valve with TDS monitoring option. This new feature came about mainly from the very rapid proliferation of craft and micro breweries, especially in California. Those brewers that prefer to use purified water for their process also like to be able to dial in a set TDS ppm when they make water for a batch - much like certain coffee shops that specific ppm target for the purified water in all their stores. The TSM-BLEND option gives you that ability in any of the 400, 800, 1200 or 1500 GPD versions of the TSM reverse osmosis compact system. This new premium option is perfect for independent premium beer brewers, produce growers, coffee shops, tea stores, labs, manufacturing, pharmacies, or any process operation that needs to control and monitor the actual reverse osmosis product water quality. click here for product details... or request a same day quote

Well Water Quality Control
Residential & commercial certified uv systems

UV water disinfection provides a broad spectrum solution for bacteria, viruses, cryptosporidium and giardia, while producing no added chemicals. While the majority of UV systems being installed are still non-certified systems, many consumers are asking us about uv systems certified to NSF standards due to the growing awareness of government regulated, small, public, and home water systems.

Many of our competitors offer cheaper non-certified UV Systems that are NOT certified NSF Standard 55 Class A -  NSF Standard 55 Class A certified UV systems are also used such facilities as restaurants, campgrounds, churches, and offices and for small drinking water treatment plants and community wells. In some U.S. States the local government has mandated that even private homes must use NSF Standard 55 Class A certified products wherever UV is chosen.  

TThe Difference: NSF 55 includes both Class "A" systems, which require a minimum UV dose of 40mj, for use with waters that are assumed to be contaminated, and Class "B" systems, which require a dose of 16mj. Class "B" systems are only intended to provide supplemental disinfection of non-pathogenic nuisance organisms on water supplies that are otherwise considered potable. NSF 55 Class "A" systems must include a UV intensity monitor system which notifies the end user via audio and visible alarms when a low UV intensity condition occurs.

Customers who prefer top of the line well water treatment with NSF 55 Class A UV systems please see our a Deluxe Iron Eater-UV Series..

Common Well Water Contaminants & Treatment Solutions
Informative well water filtration guide

Well Water quality can vary from well to well – even season to season. Well water problems include iron & manganese, sulfur odor, nitrates, arsenic, sulfate, sodium, iron bacteria, coliform bacteria and other contaminants. For that reason we have provided a list of the most common well water problems and preferred water filtration methods that our customers throughout the U.S., from California to Texas to Florida to Ohio have asked us about ......Learn more here

RainDance Water Systems Savings & Instant Rebate Codes
Save on specified whole house water filters, conditioners, & water softeners

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