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RainDance Water Systems Fully Integrated Compact "Smart" Skid Reverse Osmosis Station

Fully Customizable To Fit Your Water Requirements - Skid Mount Water Filtration System


At RainDance Water Systems, we can offer unequaled custom engineering capabilities to provide a total turnkey water treatment solution. This means that while we offer a broad range of standard commercial reverse osmosis systems in the industry, we can also readily customize a skid mount RO system to meet your most challenging needs. Whether it's a city tap water source, problem well water, or sea water desalination requirement, we can create a solution that's reliable & dependable for your situation.

The RDWS-SMART-RO-SKID series is a complete reverse osmosis water system pre-assembled and shipped on a single skid for quick and easy installation and start-up. These systems consist of salt-free hard water pretreatment, customized city/well water pretreatment, UV disinfection, fully automated "smart" commercial reverse osmosis RO unit, re-pressure delivery pump, and off-skid storage tanks. The RDWS-SMART-RO-SKID series is pre-engineered allowing quick assembly and delivery. With simple utility connections and pretreatment set-up, these systems are virtually ready for online service, saving customers both time and money.

Compare Commercial Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Equipment: The RainDance Automatic "Smart" RO Commercial unitsinclude the first-ever fully automatic commercial-sized reverse osmosis systems offering remote access and control. Businesses can eliminate the need for on-site monitoring and frequent technician adjustments because these fully automated RO systems provide consistent operation with multiple running modes to fit different requirements from your company. We are proud to say that we have provided high performance RO systems for numerous businesses and operations from Manufacturing to Food & Beverage to Commercial Growers throughout the US and overseas.

Quality Assurance: Our engineers have held to the goal of over build and over design. That is why we are not surprised at how long the membranes last in our systems and how few calls we get about premature pump or other system failures. It's also why we primarily use stainless steel in our structures instead of aluminum or powder coated mild steel on most of our systems. It costs a bit more but the benefits in durability and reliability are well worth it! Let RainDance Water Systems provide your company with a long lasting membrane water purification solution.

Commercial Skid RO Water Systems Designed, Engineered & Assembled in the USA

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smart ro skid mount

RainDance Compact Skid Mounted Purification Station

Model # Smart-RO-SKID Reverse Osmosis Systems
System Function Commercial Complete Integrated Water Filtration, Purification, Disinfection System
Capacity Available in 2,000, 4,000, 6,000, 8,000, 10,000, & 12,000 Gallons Per Day
High Recovery 50-70+% Recovery
Power Single 220V 60Hz 1-phase plug
Dimensions 51"W x 32"L x 63"H (2,000-4,000gpd)
58"W x 37"L x 63"H (6,000-12,000gpd)
Frame Stainless Steel Skid Frame w/ Caster Wheels
Maximum Removal Capacities 5,000ppm TDS
(Can be customized for 15,000ppm TDS)
150gpg (2,565ppm) Hardness
10ppm Iron, 5ppm Manganese, 3ppm Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (Custom Well Water System)
2ppm Chlorine (Custom City Water System)
Applications Engineered for City-Treated Water, Well Water, River Water, Brackish Water Sources
Installation  Plug-and-Play - Pre-Assembled - Pre-Plumbed - Pre-Wired
Customer & Tech Support Via Phone: 9am-5pm PST Mon-Fri
Via Live Chat: 5am-10pm PST 7 Days
Via Email: 24/7 365 Days a Year

 are designed to be user friendly with components that are shipped mounted, pre-plumbed, and pre-wired on the skid platform (sans storage tanks). Every RDWS-SMART-RO-SKID is pretested before shipping and these units only require a single 220 volt 1-phase 60hz power source. This pre-plumbed, pre-wired, integrated skid includes automatic backwashing pre-treatment filter customized for your water, hard water antiscalant injection system, UV disinfection system, high capacity automatic RO system, and 10gpm delivery pump. The (2) 300 gallon product storage tanks are located off the skid but should be nearby the unit. Detailed information on each component can be found below:

SMART-RO-SKID Commercial Integrated Equipment:

First Stage: Customized Pretreatment System - Automatic backwashing media filter is designed to treat specific fouling contaminants from different water sources to protect the RO membranes. Custom filter selection includes maintenance-free city water filtration for chlorine and organic chemical pretreatment OR maintenance-free well water filtration for iron, manganese, sediment, and hydrogen sulfide gas odors pretreatment.

Second Stage: 100% Proven Salt-Free Hard Water Pre-Treatment - protects and prolong the life of RO membranes by reduction of scaling and fouling effects from hard water. Antiscalant injection method is preferable to brine regenerating softeners as it is lower maintenance, economical, and is perfect for areas of the country that have chloride discharge limits. The antiscalant formulation has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) under ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for use in producing potable water. Treats hard water from 5gpg up to 200gpg!

  Third Stage: Ultraviolet Bacteria Disinfection - provides 4-log (99.99%) reduction in bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts (specifically giardia lambila and cryptosporidium) to protect RO membranes from bacteria growth and bio fouling. Integrated UV system provides maximum output with the highest quality quartz sleeve with visual lamp-on indicators and audible lamp failure indicator.
  • Fourth Stage - Smart Reverse Osmosis Purification System Features:
  • Stainless Steel Frame, Membrane Housing(s), Valves
  • High Efficiency Rejection & High Recovery up to 70%
  • Preinstalled Float Switch for Atmospheric Storage Tank
  • Patented PureFlush Membrane Cleaning
  • Large 7" Touch Screen HMI Panel:
    - Provides Consistent Product Water Quality & Output
    - Automatically Compensates for Feed Water Variation and Membrane Aging
    - Greater Visibility of Performance Metrics
    - Remote Monitoring & Control*
  Off-Skid Atmospheric Storage Tanks - Reverse osmosis systems produce water as a small stream, so a separate storage tank and delivery pump is needed to provide water to every tap on demand. We include (2) separate 300gal storage tanks @ 35"D x 85H (made to fit through standard doorways) as stock with our RO-SKID series - different/no storage tanks quoted upon request. FDA/USDA Approved storage tanks include float and fittings for easy installation with our RO-SKID systems.
On-Skid Delivery Pumps are required after the atmospheric storage tank to delivery pressurized water to every tap on demand. Delivery pump includes 1 HP motor with 10gpm output @ 48psi.

Exclusive Touch Screen HMI "Smart" Reverse Osmosis Control Features: 
The first-ever fully automated RO controller can be configured for a wide range of water treatment applications. Set points include:

   • Single pass or batch processing    • Max. product conductivity    • Max. feed conductivity
  • Max. membrane feed pressure    • Min. concentrate flow     • Max. feed temperature    • Min. feed supply pressure
  • Min. recovery    • Min. rejection    • Max. prefilter pressure drop    • Max. membrane array pressure drop

*Remote Monitoing & Control: The state-of-the-art HMI controller includes a wireless access point which allows connection to a local plant or office wireless router. When connected to a wireless router you can access the HMI control panel display on devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops via the wireless router IP address.

There are three primary operating modes preselected for specific RO operations:

  • Constant Product Flow - Monitors and adjusts flow and pressure to maintain a target product flow rate.
  • Constant Membrane Feed Pressure - Controls flow and pump speed variables to maintain target input pressure.
  • Manual Configuration - The user inputs values for main pump speed, concentrate flow, and recirculation flow operating points.

    How Our Turnkey Integrated Skid Mount RO System Works:

    • Feed water from your water source enters the on-skid backwashing filter.
    • Out-coming water from the backwashing filter is then treated with the on-skid antiscalant injection system to pretreat hard water.
    • Water then enters the on-skid 20” sediment prefilter for extra membrane protection.
    • Treated water enters the final on-skid pre-treatment stage – UV disinfection to protect the RO from bio fouling.
    • Finally this pre-treated water enters the on-skid reverse osmosis purification system.
    • The purified RO product water beings to fill the nearby storage tank(s) located off the skid (optional separate remineralizer filter recommended after RO system for whole house applications).
    • The storage tank(s) will continue to fill until the included float switch closes and shuts the entire system off.
    • When there is a demand for water the on-skid pressurization pump is activated and draws product water from the storage tank(s) to your application(s).
    • If enough product water is used from the storage tank(s), the float switch will reopen – reactivating the system to begin replacing the product water.

    On-Skid Smart-RO Spec Sheet

  • *Capacity production rate is based on input water temperature of 25 C (77 F). If your water is colder production will be lower.


    A must for brackish water, high sodium, sulfate, total dissolved solids (TDS), or where premium water purification is required. Unlike most multi-piece water treatment systems that are scattered throughout your business or warehouse, our commercial skid mounted purification station is an all-inclusive water treatment unit with customized pretreatment, UV disinfect, RO purification, and repressurization on a single stainless steel skid frame with wheels for easy positioning.

    Create the ultimate water supply with our user-friendly RDWS-SMART-RO-SKID series with customized maintenance-free pretreatment for iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide gas, suspended solids, and chlorine/chloramine, salt-free hard water pretreatment, UV disinfection pretreatment, and fully automated reverse osmosis membrane purification. All components (excluding storage tanks) are contained on our innovative skid mount frame with wheels for easy mobility and set-up. Our Skid Mounted Water Purification Series is among the most water efficient systems in the industry today, featuring low waste high recovery options up to 50%, 60%, even 70%on many water applications!

    The RDWS-SMART-RO-SKID series is designed for the customer who wants a state-of-the-art, user-friendly, multifiltration system to provide great tasting drinking water or top-quality product water for a multitude of commercial applications. These systems are pre-plumbed, pre-wired, and include (1) inlet feed water connection, (1) drain connection, (1) product water connection into storage tank, (1) delivery pump outlet connection, and (1) electrical connection to allow for fast, hassle-free installation. From the delivery of the equipment to your facility to using clean, purified water lies only hours, not days!

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