Water Treatment : Iron

What is Iron In Well Water?

The presence of Iron is a very common water quality problem, particularly in water from deep and shallow wells. As rain falls or snow melts on the land surface, and water seeps through iron-bearing soil and rock, iron can be dissolved into the water. In some cases, iron can also result from corrosion of iron or steel well casing or water pipes.

Water containing even a significant quantity of iron may appear clear when drawn, but will rapidly turn red upon exposure to air. This process is called oxidation, and involves the conversion of ferrous (dissolved - clear water iron) iron, which is highly soluble, to ferric (precipitated - red water iron) iron, which is largely insoluble. The ferric iron then causes red/brown staining on clothes, fixtures, etc. Iron water also has an unpleasant metallic taste.

Is Well Water Iron a Health Concern?

Iron in well water usually does not present a health problem. Iron bacteria, that may be associated with iron in water, are not considered a health problem.

What Are The Problems With Well Water Iron ?

Iron in water can cause yellow, red, or brown stains on laundry, dishes, and plumbing fixtures such as sinks. In addition, iron can clog wells, pumps, sprinklers, and other devices such as dishwashers, which can lead to costly repairs. Iron gives a metallic taste to water, and can affect foods and beverages we drink such as tea and coffee.

Residential Iron Filter Systems:

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